3 Different Types Of Epoxy Flooring

So, you’ve made the decision to have an Epoxy Floor Coating installed at your property or business, but now the bigger choice comes in! What type of Epoxy Flooring do you want? It is best to consider what will fit your needs and add value.

Read our easy-to-follow list to help make the selection an easy one.

First, we will discuss Epoxy Types :

Solvent-Borne Epoxy:

This type of epoxy has a long history, as it is one of the first types ever used. A solvent-borne epoxy leaves a thick, hard epoxy coating on the floor, due to its mix of solvent-based organic compounds. This same material makes it flammable, which is important to think about, depending on your needs. Customers choose Solvent Borne Epoxy as it can be applied even to thin surfaces and still present a strong, cohesive surface. Since installation is with epoxy, the vapors are very toxic and good ventilation is needed- which is yet another reason to speak with professionals like Best Coast Epoxy.

Waterborne Epoxy:

This is a high-performance coating and can coat concrete floors from your home to severe industrial settings. It is used in food-based facilities and contains no VOCs, HAPs, or solvent odor which creates a tough, chemical, and abrasive resistant surface, and meets LEED-approved indoor air requirements. Water soluble and therefore less reactive, it can be applied on thin or thicker concrete or slabs of concrete. The environmental impact and safety are why this is a popular choice, but all epoxy coatings still have their environmental impact.

100% Solids Epoxy:

Instead of a carrier like a solvent or water-based, solids epoxy is just that- 100% solids! This is an excellent choice, the highest of quality, and also the most important to have professionally applied since it is not a thin coat epoxy. Optimum in corrosive environments, it is recommended for warehouses, kitchens, restrooms, and -of course- garages. 100% Solids Epoxy is a commercial grade, high-end epoxy. It is a lifetime-lasting flooring, due to its thickness and application process. The challenge for self-application is navigating the thick epoxy flooring and why many choose to have professional assistance.

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