Concrete Resurfacing

A thin cement-based overlay is blended with particular bonding agents for concrete resurfacing. It’s poured over old concrete and adheres to provide a lovely, smooth new surface. After it dries, the surface becomes very strong and durable. 

There are different types of concrete mix products available on the market. Concrete resurfacer, on the other hand, is put in a very thin layer, unlike most normal concrete mixes. Concrete resurfacer is often made up of a mix of regular cement, polymer modifiers, fine sands, and other specific binding agents.

It’s sprayed on top of the existing concrete in a thin layer. Typically, the layer is little more than 1/2 inches thick. Before using the resurfaced area, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours.

Furthermore, the concrete resurfacing is exceptionally durable, with a compressive strength of 4,500 pounds per square inch. This is really more durable than the concrete slab itself. Concrete resurfacing, when placed correctly, may be highly robust and long-lasting with proper use and maintenance.

Why choose Concrete resurfacing?

Last longer. The concrete resurfacing materials are extremely long-lasting, and some are even stain-resistant. Your surface will endure considerably longer if you use this method. Concrete resurfacing improves the quality of your new concrete, allowing it to last for a decade. Also, there are many different reasons to consider concrete resurfacing for your home or business.

Also, concrete resurfacing is very cost-effective. You do not need to change the entire concrete, so it is a very economical upgrade for your old concrete surface. It also increases the value of your home. It is easier to apply and lasts a lot longer than normal concrete. It offers a wide range of choices when it comes to designs and color choices.

So, the above-mentioned reasons make it a very good option for flooring your house. Make sure to contact a professional concrete surfacing company to carry out the job for the best results.

concrete resurfacing

Benefits of concrete resurfacing:


Resurfacing your concrete is far less expensive than removing it and replacing it with fresh concrete or a different material.

A concrete resurfacing is more economical since the concrete slab is repaired and only a thin layer of fresh material is used. Charges may increase based on the amount of concrete repair required, the level of customization or alteration desired, and the width or length of the driveway. 

Nonetheless, it is less expensive than real stone, brick, or pavers. Before proceeding, it is strongly advised that you obtain a quote from a potential concrete contractor. It lets you create exquisite pavement appearances, distinctive sandstone finishes, and warm bricks for a fraction of the expense of the real thing.

Offers a variety of designs

If you desire a marble floor but don’t want to pay the high cost of real marble, then Concrete resurfacing is the best option for you. Perhaps you have a preference for sandstone, brick, granite, or a certain color, concrete resurfacing will get that covered for you.

Concrete resurfacing has the unique ability to be colored with various colorants or stamped with patterns or finishes.

You may personalize your concrete floors and create a one-of-a-kind design and atmosphere without spending a fortune on pricey materials. While giving your surface that fresh new look, you save money on the cost of supplies and labor.

Increases the value of your home 

Commercial buildings are sometimes put up for sale. Damaged, unsightly concrete flooring might lower the value of your home since the future owner will have to spend money on repairs. If you think you might be able to sell your present building, this can boost the value of your home.

Every repair or addition you make will significantly influence the value of your home, so make sensible decisions. Anything that improves the appearance and functionality of a concrete driveway can boost the resale value of a home. Buyers like a home with a functioning driveway and attractive curb appeal.

It’s easy to apply 

It doesn’t take long to resurface concrete. Your concrete floor will most likely be available to use the next day after the project is finished. Self-leveling materials are used in resurfacing, and they don’t require much equipment. 

All you have to do to apply the resurfacing product is distribute it across the whole surface of the concrete floor. This effectively covers any fractures or defects in existing concrete without costing a fortune.

Lasts longer 

Quick fixes and remedies are frequently temporary and ineffective. Concrete that isn’t ornamental. If properly installed and maintained, the coatings and overlays available could last several years. Concrete sealing is one way to make the surface more durable. Concrete sealers act as a barrier between the elements and the concrete.

Table of Contents

Our Concrete resurfacing process

Concrete Surface Prep

Surface preparation includes removing any coatings or impurities from the concrete slab, as well as leveling and profiling it so the overlay may adhere to it. Surface preparation is the most important stage in ensuring a successful decorative concrete overlay – or an overlay for that matter.

The diamond grinding procedure aids in the restoration of your floor’s smoothness. After the machine is turned on, we use a side-by-side swaying motion to smooth out the whole surface of your floor. Vacuum thoroughly to get rid of any leftover access residue. This is how we prepare your floor for concrete resurfacing.

Apply Moisture barrier Coat 

We apply a moisture barrier coat directly to the concrete surface because it prevents water or water vapor from entering the concrete surface from the outside. A moisture barrier stops water vapor from moving through the surface, protecting it against water damage that might occur if moisture is allowed to enter.

Choice of base coat 

Then in the next step, we apply the base coat as per the customer’s choice. We have various options for the base coat. We have pigmented poly aspartic(various solid colors and metallic colors for choice) or you can also choose various flakes or quartz designs. You can choose the design you love and we can proceed with the layering.

Applying Sealant and Curing

After the base coat is applied, a sealant is applied on the top, and then it is left to cure. Avoid using vehicles on the surface for at least 48-72 hours after applying. After it has properly cured, you get yourself a beautiful resurfaced concrete floor.

Concrete Resurfacing Options

You can acquire whatever appearance you want when refinishing concrete. Here are a few typical choices:

  • Overlays of stamped concrete
  • Decks with a cool finish
  • Epoxy coatings with color flakes or metallic colors (garages)
  • Apply texture coatings with a spray gun.
  • Applications with a broom finish.

How long does Concrete resurface last?

If professionally placed, a high-quality resurfacing compound should last 10 years or longer. For some contractors, resurfacing has lasted up to 25 years! A large-box retailer’s DIY resurfacing kit, on the other hand, will not last as long. Cleaning, maintenance, and preservation go quite a long way toward assuring your new surface’s life. 

If you’re considering concrete resurfacing, you can always seek advice from concrete resurfacing companies in your area for an expert or second opinion, as well as arrange for professional installation, which is a cost-effective and long-term investment. Give us a call to get your concrete resurfaced!!!