Epoxy Floor Installation Steps

Have you been wondering about how Epoxy floor installation is carried out? Epoxy Floor installation consists of cleaning the floor, applying various epoxy coatings, and letting it cure over a course of 3 Days. Here we are going to tell you about the detailed epoxy floor installation process that we carry out. If you are curious about how to install epoxy floor or how to epoxy a floor? Your questions will be answered with this. The 3-day detailed process is as follows:

epoxy floor installation process

Table of Contents


The first day is all about floor prepping. Before we can apply an epoxy coating to the floor, we have to make sure the floor is properly prepped and suitable for epoxy floor coatings to be applied. The floor has to be cleaned and neutralized and any cracks on the floor have to be filled. The perimeter has to be taped with duct tape and primer is applied and then left to dry. The detailed step-by-step first-day process is as follows: 

  • Step 1
    • All items must be moved out of the garage or area where epoxy is being applied (if any are present.)


  • Step 2
    • Muriatic Acid is used to remove any oil or other materials that would prevent the epoxy from setting on the floor.


  • Step 3
    • The floor is neutralized and flushed clear of any degreaser or acid wash.


  • Step 4
    • The concrete floor is then inspected for any cracks or holes and filled with a concrete filler if present. The floor has to be smooth.


  • Step 5
    • The perimeter to be epoxied is taped off.


  • Step 6
    • Concrete primer is now applied to the entire surface of the floor.


  • Step 7
    • After the primer is completely dry, the floor is then blown free of any dust or dirt and the epoxy is now ready to be applied.


The second day consists of Epoxy coating layering. Thick coats of Epoxy are layered on the clean and dry floor surface. After the base coat is applied, decorative chips are thrown and sprayed all over the coatings with about 70% coverage. Then it is left to dry overnight. The installation steps to be followed on the second day are as: 

  • Step 1
    • A base coat of 100% solids epoxy (thickest and most durable epoxy) is laid down then decorative chips are thrown at about 70% coverage.


  • Step 2
    • Epoxy is then given overnight to dry into its semi-gloss finish.


On the last day of the epoxy floor installation process, the excess chips are cleaned by blowing them off, and then a coat of polyurethane is applied on the top for a long-lasting high gloss finish. This works like a cherry on the top. Then the floor is left to dry. The third-day process includes: 

  • Step 1
    • The excess chips are blown off and collected.
  • Step 2
    • Then a final top coat of polyurethane is applied to add a longer-lasting high-gloss finish.
  • Step 3
    • The floor is able to be walked in 24 hours but no vehicle traffic for 7 days which is the complete cure time for 100% solids epoxy.
  • Step 4
    • The tape is pulled, and the job is complete!

This is how to install epoxy floorings in your home, garage, or your work. A properly installed epoxy floor will last for decades if properly maintained. If you want epoxy flooring for homes, schools, or anywhere, contact us for epoxy installation services. We are one of the finest epoxy flooring companies in California. 


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 **All installations include a standard 10-year warranty on installation and labor.**

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy floor installation typically takes one to two days. Our team will start by repairing any damage, removing stains, and diamond grinding your cement surface. This is the most time-consuming step. Your epoxy will be put when the surface has been prepared. And then it is left to cure over 24-48 hours.

The floor is able to be walked in 24 hours. Before that period, the epoxy is still in its curing stage.

It is recommended to avoid driving for 7 days for the epoxy floor to be vehicle ready.